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Tarkett S.A., known until 2008 as Sommer-Allibert S.A., is a French multinational corporation specializing in the production of floor and wall coverings. Headquartered in La Défense, near Paris, the present company was formed in October 1997 by the merging of two others: French Sommer-Allibert and German Tarkett AG. These companies were in turn formed by the combination of various smaller companies in Sweden, Germany, and France. The name Tarkett came from a product developed by a Swedish predecessor.

Hernan Maldonado from Momence wrote a review for FLOORING WEBSITE about the quality of Tarkett: "This floor was not easy to install, I have installed several floors before. The room was 30×20. Enough space was allowed around the walls but the floor started to buckle, it was tight against the walls. Had to cut, and it expanded again, maybe I'm done now. Did anyone have this problem? Yes, the boxes sat in the room for at least a week"


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Former Employee - Forklift Reachlift Operator says

"Pay was ok and place was so so clean"

Current Employee - EHS says

"Turnover is high and a lack of commitment"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Never received any type of formal training. Spent the first 6 months asking questions and learning from coworkers. It’s basically a sink or swim mentality. Constant product and internal system changes are not communicated throughout the organization. Archaic procedures are in place that are very time consuming. This includes printing and filing unnecessarily large amounts of paper similar to a 1980’s operation. Employee turnover is HIGH. Almost everyone working here is unhappy and complains all day creating a very negative environment. Management turnover is also high. Tarkett prefers to hire from outside of the organization, preferably those with little to no industry experience. Little to no communication between departments. Customers are constantly complaining due to logistics, manufacturing and pricing issues. Outside sales team is very unorganized. They often over promise and under deliver. Only consider this job if you are highly resilient to stress and can learn and adapt quickly."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Constant executive turnover causes undefined strategy, repeated re-implementation of WCM, toxic old-school Tandus management, mandatory steel-toe boots for non-maintenance employees, poor morale, nepotism, poor leadership at plant level, qualified minorities in leadership roles do not last, sabotage of projects at certain plants"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Demands aren’t supported with resources to accomplish, impatient, no strategy, to much hip shooting. Watch out leadership lacks direction and know how."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management style is authoritarian with plenty of direct threats, yelling, and intimidation thrown in for good measure. Perfrormance expected is not realistic in timeframe allotted. Instead of giving time to show results they just replace people. More of the same. Rinse , lather, repeat."

Back winder operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for a month when i was hired i had puercings that was not a problem the entire time it wasnt until my daughter had her surgery to remove her appendix that the company complained it was a safety issue and when i told them their mavhines were safety issues after explaining i had to stand on a wooden platform to doff the mavhine and the platform slide and i fell into the machine that they were willing to overlook my piercings as long as i didnt report the accident"

Press Operator (Former Employee) says

"The money is good. The work is hard and they treat you like a machine. Mandatory overtime. If you are scheduled until 11pm and someone from the next shift calls off at 10:45pm, you are forced to cover 4 hours of that persons shift. If you refuse, you are penalized as if you missed your 8 hour work day."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Dirty and dusty factory atmosphere. Be prepared to work 80+ hr. weeks. Management doesn’t care about their employees. Management is extremely negative and unapproachable.PayManagement, atmosphere and hours"

production (Current Employee) says

"Unsafe, not motivating, berating, production always comes before the feedback of employees. Management plays favorites, Management unwillingness to discipline those who do not perform/do their required job or adhere to directivesTime offManagement, lack of safety concerns"

Production (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work Management it's two faced and narrow minded always looking out for the favorites of the company. No home life forced overtime no future in advancement. I would not recommend this company for a career, especially the one in Middlefield Ohio.Leaving workHot, terrible management, run like a mafia with severe favoritism"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"People promises you things NEVER delivery. Fake people POOR management. Would not waste my time. Look elsewhere!!!!!!!!!! Very non friendly place to work.NothingI got out"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was a temp and hired as a forklift operator. I was told I would work four 12 hour days per week with four days off. I was working five ten hour days in a row. My training was minimal. You quickly find out that it takes six months to get hired with the company and when that happens you face mandatory overtime so there is hardly any work life balance. I found out my coworkers had a meeting with management about me and they said I was slow but I only had been there a month. Cut throats culture. If you are over 25 this place is not for you. You are constantly lifting product and my back was slowly giving out and I am 45. They have a standard one must meet called 80 stops per day. Yet everyday I work I had trouble getting a forklift or reach truck and getting a working scan guns. There are people there that will come in an hour early to get good equipment for the day.PaycheckCut throats coworkers. Impossible standards. Training sucks."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"NO TRAINING!! I Am overqualified for this company. They are very unorganized and not set up for anything! It’s embarrassing... You never know when the doors are going to close because the Traffic Clerks and dock workers can’t get anything right!!! Management is ridiculous. Don’t come here unless your in your retirement ages like the team on Cleveland Hwy Dalton, Ga...."

Weaver 1 (Former Employee) says

"Was a wever 1 for 5 years. They will work you like a dog with absolutely no thank you. If the supervisors dislike you in anyway they will make your life a living nightmare. Only good thing about the job is the pay is decent... other then that STAY AWAY.Good pay"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"worst place to work and the union is a joke and no help at all. would not ever help anyone I know to get a job there. management is no help when you try to talk to them and they sweep it under the table.insurancebad management, and supervisors"

extrusion (Current Employee) says

"At the Munn Rd. location management is an absolute JOKE, it seems as if the less you know the more you get promoted. They will try to run you as fast as they can and work you way more hours then they tell you when hired. Stay AWAY from this place!!Terrible management, dusty conditions"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The amount of strife you'll you experience is above and beyond most any job out there. You'll be criticized for not doing enough even if you are working 80 hours a week. You won't get support from management–in fact, quite the opposite. They'll ask you to do a job but will refuse to give you the time or tools to accomplish it. This is hands down the worst company to work for.Insurance isn't terrible, but not wonderful eitherBad management, lower pay than many industry competitors, no focus/goals for the employees to get behind and work toward, not enough staff, little training and support for doing your job right"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The Good: Co-workers are the best part about Tarkett but they are so miserable the last few years because of a difficult work environment. 401k match is above average and the employees appreciate it. Very nice corporate office in Solon. The Bad: Management will do anything to save their skin at the expense of their direct reports. Very little responsibility. Long work hours because teams are understaffed because business and earning have been down the last few years. Good luck getting training to advance your career. Very little promotions because they hire people from outside the company. I learned how not to be a manager in my time at Tarkett so it wasn't all bad.Building in SolonSee Review"

Overworked Mule (Former Employee) says

"I didn't know how bad it was until after I left a joined a properly, professionally run company. The interdepartmental battles are a daily occurrence and prohibit any alignment. Leadership does not clearly communicate any direction which enhance the daily feuds since no one knows which way is north. A lot of managers and directors routinely throw their employees on hand grenades to cover their own poor decisions. The employees are overworked due reduction in overhead because of repeated poor performing quarters. This leads to very very little promotions and absolutely no training. All of these conditions have created a revolving door at the company and Tarkett is just a stop off until you find something better for the majority of the employees. It is not hard to find something better either because it is just flat out BAD. In all honesty find another place to work unless you are desperate and if so just make it short stopping place in your career.Nice office in Solon, Benefits are decentOver worked, management covers themselves and not employees, poor financial performance, run from France, no training"

Extrusion Take off (Current Employee) says

"The culture was horrendous. Not a job for people of color at least at the Chagrin Falls location. Racist environment. A lot of backstabbing to gain favor from management.PayAny and everything you can imagine"

Production Worker/Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"If you don’t hired straight in through the company your chances aren’t good to be hired in. They treat temps completely different then those that are hired in. You won’t be put on the shift that you need to be put on. Don’t miss any days bc they will fire you. I was on 4 th shift as a temp for almost 6 months. I was supposed to be on 5th shift. I have 3 young children at home that 2 have 2 babysitters for bc if school. They fired me bc I missed 3 days in 6 moths that I was there."

Scrum Master (Former Employee) says

"Aucune communication aucune considération. A fuir."

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Horrible senior management team. Extremely high turnover rate at all levels. No vision No strategy No innovation pipeline No performance accountability from anyone Lost in the woods is the best descriptor."

SRP (Former Employee) says

"You may work 24 hours one week and 72 the next week. The company comes first and your family and health mean nothing to them. Hot summer days when you are working 12 hour shifts you cannot even keep a simple bottle of water at your work station.Good insuranceSelfish company"

Director of really good ppl (Former Employee) says

"When I started at Tarkett, it was a fantastic company, awesome CEO and profits were up! Then came a new management team that clearly just hired their ‘buddies’ and created overpaid positions for them.. The leadership quickly lost credibility, and this reflected in the P&L.. sites losing millions each month.. and yet these clowns still have their overpaid jobs... they don’t care about the company!!! Don’t work there!! You will be sucked into their politics.. and if you don’t kiss certain people’s backsides.. you don’t stay... results don’t seems to matter.. it’s who puckers up the most.. clearly!"